Welcome To Cheesefulness

A cheesier plane of existence awaits you.

How far are you on the journey to finding your inner cheese?

“Hold up one sec...

cheesefulness, n.  a higher state of being—of bliss, really—that comes from being fully alive in the presence of cheese. Some might call it the ability to cheese the moment.

Is it in you?

True Cheesefulness
exercises all 5 senses


Don’t be afraid to hold cheese’s gaze. Admire its various forms: block, slice, shred and melty strand.

Let its unassuming colors soothe you.


Do you hear that? Of course not. Cheese understands the joy of silent rumination.

Feel emboldened to block out the clangor of the day – if only for a moment.


Lean in. Closer. Commit your nose to a clockwise motion just above the cheese. Flare your nostrils in anticipation.

Cheese in, exhale out. Repeat.


Open your palms, facing upward, ready to receive.

Cheese in hand, ponder its weight, the paradox of creaminess in solid form. Let it melt over you.


Finally. Your patience is rewarded at your palate. All your senses in harmony, you’ve arrived at the Shangri-Ooh-La-La of Flavor: sweet, sharp, nutty, aged, mmmmmmmmm.

You’re one with the cheese.

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